If you have played your share of online casino games, you would already be aware of bonuses offered to players. You may have even used many of them on a regular basis. However, if you haven’t heard of these bonuses before, there are some fun surprises headed your way that are rather useful when playing the game.

There is no doubt that playing at online casinos is a fun experience. However, to play any of these gambling games, you must have some money to enjoy them to the fullest. Sure you have the option to play these games for free. However, most games offered for free at online casinos are merely basic ones that usually lack the fun features and attractions of these games. So if you are looking to play a more fun game with real money, you will need some funds. This is where player bonuses can be extremely useful.

Player bonuses provide players with free cash that can be used on any game being offered on the online casino. If you realize that your bankroll is not as hefty as it should be to enjoy certain games, player bonuses can act as just the boost you would require to enjoy these games. This way, you get access to quite a lot of games that would be unavailable to play otherwise.

Take welcome bonuses for example. These bonuses are generally offered to players who are new to an online casino. These websites offer money for free at the beginning even if you’ve not made a cash deposit into your account. These bonuses could be anything from 10-20 dollars.  So this is an effective way to attract players who are a tad short on money.

Some other popular bonuses for players include those that reward money after you play for a specified number of hours in a day. You may also get a bonus for selecting a particular method for payment.

There is no end to the variety of bonuses offered on these casinos. However, the main question is how do these casinos manage to maintain their business while still offering money for free. Technically, the companies offering these bonuses should land up with losses. However, the matter of the fact remains that all these tactics are eventually beneficial to casinos as they are still making money off customers. They are able to do so while offering free cash as well.

One would wonder how this is possible without the casinos incurring losses. However, since online casinos have minimal operational expenses when compared to land based casinos, it becomes much easier for them to offer these bonuses. These company save a lot of cash on utility bills, property renting as well as employee salaries. It is therefore easier for them to use these savings towards attracting more customers by offering player bonuses. This results in more customers visiting the casino which eventually results in profits.

The bottom line is that no casino is doing charity out there. They make these offers to beat competition and attract more customers; simple as that.