One of the world’s top betting exchange, Betfair is one of the best betting platforms you will find on the internet. Users can feel free to log on to Betfair and lay their bets for a selection or against it. This makes Betfair truly one of the best online betting portals out there. If you look at it technically, Betfair is not a bookmaker. Instead, it is a booking exchange that gives players from all over to try their hand. It comes as no surprise that it is rated is one of the best choices in terms of betting platforms on the internet.

Betfair offers a wide selection of sporting events and the odds offered on each of these games are also highly competitive. On Betfair, you can also set your own odds and bet either for or against an outcome. In fact, players on Betfair also get a chance to make the most of live in-pay options offered on the website.

The payouts offered at Betfair are pretty quick when compared to the many other websites out there. In fact, Betfair offers some of the promptest payouts you will find on the internet. You can choose from a variety of methods to withdraw and deposit cash making it highly convenient for most individuals. Apart from the betting exchange, Betfair also has a host of other websites such as Betfair Casino, Betfair Poker as well as a host of other Betfair Games offered on separate websites. Even if you are not into betting, you are recommended to try out these other websites since they are truly popular and well known.

The following are a few advantages of playing with Betfair

They offer some of the best betting odds online. Since Betfair is becoming an increasingly popular platform for betting, the website is able to offer some of the best odds you will find. With 1X2 straight pick options on many bets, you can be rest assured you will not find anything better online.

  • The offer some of the best live betting options online. The website offers live and instant betting on a host of sporting events on a daily basis. In fact, any sport that has even a little bit of popularity can be found on Betfair for placing bets. You get a chance to place your bets against many other players.
  • Since you are betting against other players and not with a bookmaker, you do not need to worry about any limits. You just need to check the available bets on each event and go through with the bet depending on the amount of money you have in your account.
  • The website gives you the option to set your own odds. So you can bet against or for a particular outcome. In fact, the lay option offered by Betfair is unique to this website. No other online betting exchange offers this option.

Last but not the least, the interface of the website is truly easy to navigate and functional. This makes any stay at the website more pleasant.

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