How Can Online Casinos Afford to Offer Player Bonuses?

If you are a longtime habitué of the online casinos, you are probably already aware of the existence of player bonuses, and you may in fact make full use of them on a regular basis. If you aren’t familiar with them at all, you may well be surprised at just how useful they can be to any online gambler.

Playing at the online casinos is an enjoyable pursuit of course, but like all gambling games, they do require a bit of money in order to play. Sure there are free casinos that allow you to play without having to deposit any money at all, but such casinos typically offer either only the most rudimentary games or they may offer only stripped down versions of the full blown casino titles. In any case, you will probably have to shell out some money if you are to play in the more “serious” games. And that is where player bonuses come in.

Player bonuses essentially award you with free money that you can use in making wagers on any of the casino games that are on offer. If you find yourself with a bankroll that is a bit on the meager side, player bonuses can boost it up to respectable levels, allowing you access to a host of games that would otherwise be unavailable to you.

Let’s take for example the “welcome” bonus, which is typically offered to new players at an online casino. Such player bonuses give you free money right at the outset, even if you haven’t deposited any money into your account at all. These player bonuses can range from $10 to $20 or so, and they are effective enticements for players that are a bit short of cash.

Some other common player bonuses involve those that award you with a certain amount of money for a certain number of hours of play, or you may get a bonus as a reward for choosing a particular payment method.

There are many other bonuses offered by online casinos, but the question that this brings up is just how is it that these gambling establishments manage to stay in business when they are essentially giving away free money, instead of making money off their customers. The truth actually lies somewhere in between these two opposing actions, and the fact of the matter is that the casino is making money off you–the customer–while still being able to offer cash incentives at the same time.

How is this possible without the casino going bankrupt? This can best be explained by the fact that online casinos have a lot less operational expenses to deal with than land-based casinos.

Online gambling establishments save money on costs such as employee salaries, property rental, utility bills and the like, and they are therefore able to pass these savings on to the customer in the way of player bonuses. The result is more customers for the casino…and more money in your account.

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