400% online casino bonuses on my first deposit?

I saw a buy $50 get $200 free offer. Any other casinos offer this?

8 Responses to “400% online casino bonuses on my first deposit?”

  1. Luke K says:

    Fulltilt.com offers bonuses up to 100% and 200 dollars if you refer friends.

  2. swtdelicaterose says:

    Usually when an online casino offers this, you have to obtain a certain amount of points (for frequent playing) before you can obtain the extra money. It’s not usually a scam, but it’s not as good as they make it sound. I got 100% of what I deposited into a poker room, but it took me like 2 months of playing before I was able to redeem it.

  3. barbhuge says:

    The answer right above mine was about poker rooms though. That is how poker room bonuses work sure, but online casino bonuses are different. Online casinos give the bonuses up front. Poker rooms do it different because people could chip dump to other friends if they got the money up front. It is much easier to abuse.

  4. Bartholomew says:

    It usually is a scam believe it or not – you get the bonus and the reason they do that is so you can’t cash out if you win with your original deposit – you have to wager usually 15x the ammount of bonus you get before you can cash out otherwise any winnings you get are lost cause they say “you’re playing off of the bonus and not your money” but when it comes to cash out – you’ve played your money so you can’t cash out cause you have none of “your” money left. Avoid Online casinos that give deposit bonuses

  5. Anita Johnson says:

    There are some offers like the 400% offer you mentioned at http://www.bigcasinobonuspage.com

    Every casino on this page will more than double your first purchase. That’s right, every casino offers a bonus of over 100% but there are some that are far more than that.

  6. medl_98 says:

    Here is a list of 20 sites that offer at least a 400% initial deposit bonus:

    Make sure that you read the fine print (also know as the Terms and Conditions, or T&C) when you accept an initial deposit bonus — especially if all you want to play is blackjack, roulette, and video poker! Most sites do not count wagers that you make at these games toward fulfilling the wagering requirement that comes with the acceptance of the initial deposit bonus; or, if they do count wagers made on these games toward meeting the wagering requirement, they do so at 1/5th or 1/10th the rate of other types of wagers (wagers on slots, for example).

    Best of luck!


  7. Dadsgirly says:

    all alots, all jackpots, first web and wild jack. You get go here:


    and they also have contest for them so if you deposit there, go back to the site and enter away for free chips.

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