Actions of a coward(ette)?

Do you agree, that blocking someone simply because they disagree (politely) with you is rather cowardice?

For example, I answered this question:

“How is the high divorce rate and feminism related?”

with: “Feminism has pushed for ‘more than equal’ outcomes for women who divorce. Thanks to feminism, divorce is almost like a reward system where the woman gambles – with higher than fair odds – to ‘win’ custody of the children, the house, a good portion of his income (while offering zero return), and with the ‘added bonus’ of no repercussions if she deems it necessary to make false allegations of abuse against him.

Yeah – I’d say feminism had a hand in this.”

I later went to see if any new answers had been added, and discovered the question’s author had blocked me!

Can we assume, by blocking those who disagree with this feminist – she only wants answers that agree with her (censorship)?
Sigy – I understand the basic principle of blocking someone’s account. I also understand that many people will block because they find someone to be a jerk. However, as I’m new in this section (it was my first post) I hardly think ‘jerk’ is quite the appropriate determination.
It seems to me, in agreement with Gary – this is only a demonstration of cowardice… “Can’t handle a little disagreement – boohoo.”

Rather immature – but predictable.

15 Responses to “Actions of a coward(ette)?”

  1. Elvis O says:

    Yes it is I agree but they will not change just try an not be like them.
    An I also agree with your answer to that question.

  2. Trent says:

    I’m sorry man, but I can’t view that question at this time.

  3. ? ~Sigy the Arctic Kitty~? says:

    The most common reason for blocking someone is because the person is seen as a jerk. It’s as simple as that.

    If someone wants to block someone else they are totally free to. It’s like the Ignore option in a chatroom or killfiling someone in a newsgroup. They don’t have to justify not dealing with someone they don’t like.

    Edit: I did see the question and your answer. It’s not something I would block someone for but I block harassers and some people I suspect to be reportniks and that’s it.

    I can’t presume to know the reason/s she blocked you. I won’t make any assumptions and I certainly would not accuse her of cowardice or blocking because of disagreement.

    And really, what does it matter if she blocks you? So what?

    ” Rather immature – but predictable.”

    Posting a question and acusing someone a coward for blocking you is not a shining example of maturity.

  4. Gary says:

    yes, ive been blocked by bouncing ball bartholomew. It shows that they would rather block than debate in a civil arguement with someone.
    That says alot.

  5. snufkins return says:

    I think blocking people is a bit stupid. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, even if you think what they are saying is ridiculous. I havent ever blocked anyone but people have blocked me. I just see it as people dont bother me that much but I must be getting to a few people lol. Thats their problem, not mine.

  6. Zit Picker 5.0 says:

    She blocks everybody.

  7. IMO. says:

    What does it matter really? It’s only Yahoo! Answers. The only time I have blocked someone is when they block me, but continue to answer my questions. Or I block people when they leave me abusive messages and comments.

    But as I said above: What does it matter really?

  8. makeup girl says:

    Why do people make such a big deal out of it every time? I would appreciate if you don’t call me out. There is no need to call me names when I blocked you. If you don’t like me, just ignore me. Why are people so upset about it to a point that they have to call me names?

    If anyone just ask me to unblock, I would overlook anything and unblock them because they have proven that are reasonable people.

  9. Sonora says:

    Anyone is free to block who they want for whatever reason they want. No justification or approval required.

  10. EB says:

    cowardice? Nope. I personally don’t ask questions and just blow off idiot answers to other people’s questions but some people take this seriously. Just as you have a right to your opinion everyone has a right not to have to hear it.
    Whining about being blocked, and that’s maturity right?
    Can’t handle not being able to spout your opinion? boohoo

  11. John Dayaluddin Sing says:

    Is that all?

  12. Modus Operandi says:

    “Do you agree, that blocking someone simply because they disagree (politely) with you is rather cowardice?”

    The word is “cowardly.” Faggot. Also, “(politely)” should be before “disagree”.

  13. molly says:

    Yes and I just had the experience of someone blocking me and then cloning me because he didn’t like my answer.

  14. Zeep says:

    No, and I think posting about it is overly dramatic.

    There’s no telling why someone blocked you, but it doesn’t really affect you except that you can’t read their posts.

    Personally, I used to post in the Israel section, which has become largely a place for neo-Nazis to spout anti-Semitic propaganda. I blocked all those who politely posted their rants straight out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion because it seemed to pre-empt getting hate mail and death threats just for being openly Jewish. I stopped when my block list filled up at 200, but routinely blocked anti-Semites whether they e-mailed me threats or not, just to keep my inbox friendly.

    Maybe someone similary has come to block anti-feminists here, because they harass her. Who knows. But it isn’t censorship – you’re free to post whatever you like here. Why care if you’re blocked by one person? Aren’t there thousands of other question to respond to, as well as however many you can write yourself about actual issues related to the theme of the forum?

  15. Oz S says:

    It can be cowardice, and certainly the Feminist practice it, but the Feminist are more hypocrites than anything else.

    They (the Feminists) insist absolutely on every debate being open to them.

    Then when someone of differing views shows up and *gasp* differs, they get all upset and try to block them. Shut down the debate, the Feminists say. no-one should be allowed to say these things.

    I disagree with Feminism. But I do so WITHOUT insinuating they are sexually dysfunctional, without alleging they are evil, or some such.

    I point out (with vigour) how and where they have gone wrong. They have adopted so much of the hate-speech of other hate movements that reasonable people cannot but conclude that the high-ups in the Feminist Movement they have a mental illness.

    The “lower downs” are mistaken, certainly, about the character of the Feminist movement, but they are mistaken. Mislead. But they should be answered in full. That they do not wish to be answered is something they have to answer for.

    Not us. We critics of the Feminist movement have allowed THEM to call us all horrible things and have answered with good humour. We critics of the Feminist movement are never allowed the same largess.

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