any good gamble sites that offer a good welcome bonus?

I am 19 years old able to gamble i was wondering i have registered with a few gamble sites is there any websites that offer a good welcome bonus.

7 Responses to “any good gamble sites that offer a good welcome bonus?”

  1. Anyonehere? says:

    The vast majority of casinos will offer what seem to be good deals but make sure you read the small print. Nearly all will require you to wager multiple times your original deposit before you can withdraw any winnings attached to them.

  2. Adam S says:

    If you mean poker, almost every major poker site will offer a 100% first deposit-match bonus but you have to play a certain amount of raked hands or tournaments over a set period of time before they give you the bonus. Full Tilt will release your bonus in $10.00 increments; I think PokerStars releases it all at once (not sure). It takes a long time before the bonus is released. I can’t speak to general betting sites.

  3. pdq says:

    What nobody has said yet is the most important thing:

    These bonuses mean nothing! You have to play a specified amount before you’re able to ‘cash out’ any money. At regular casino games on the internet, this means you will NEVER see a dime.

    At poker sites it doesn’t matter, too. You’re either a profitable poker player, or you’re not. If you DO know how to play poker profitably, then the bonus won’t mean all that much, although it’s nice. If you are NOT a profitable player, (and honestly – the odds are that you’re not), then these bonuses will not mean anything either.

    One more word of wisdom – On-line casinos were put out there for ONE REASON ONLY: To TAKE your money, not to GIVE you any. You are a fool if you think otherwise.

  4. GamblingMaster says:

    You didnt mention poker, sports or casino?
    All sites offer welcome bonuses, at for example you can find list of bonuses by category.

  5. ryan says:

    Pdq is right in what he says… If you get a bonus you will have to play that bonus a few times before you are allowed to cash it out, and in most cases you will lose it. Unless what your going for is a jackpot. In that case, losing that “sign up bonus” money would not even matter. Below is a link to quality casinos with great sign up bonuses as well as quality game play.

  6. Mick Shrimpton says:

    Hi Scott,

    Take a look at the list of sites at where you’ll find reviews of top rated sites that are known for great customer service and fast/free payouts. Each site has something different to offer, so read the reviews and decide which site suits your needs best. I’d start with any of the following:

    Good luck!

  7. SiteMGM says:

    you can try playing with an amazing bonus of 400% up to $4000 at the following online casino

    Some more interesting bonuses you should check see here

    Good luck

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