Are online casino bonuses legit?

I’ve seen all kinds of bonus offers out there for online casinos. Can I really deposit $100 and get $50 free? Can I just take the money and run?

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  1. Guy R says:

    you dont get the 50 till you play so many hands (for poker), or play so many times in whatever you choose….good luck you need to play about 200 hands to get the 50

  2. Rebecca C says:

    Yes they are legit . You can deposit $100.00 and get $50 free I do believe . I gamble for free on line . I never give my bank account to any site on line .

  3. ZCT says:

    Clearly some smart people run these multi million dollar casinos are are one step ahead of you. They are not going to let you deposit money and then cash out with the bonus.

    Generally what happens is you deposit some money and your bonus is made available to you only after you have given them a certain amount of action. In online poker you have to get a certain number of points, these points are earned when you enter tournaments or play in a raked cash game. Once your points hit a certain level you get your bonus as a credit.

    I’ve done this several times before and they have always given me my bonus. But what they are effectively doing is requiring you to give them action before you get your bonus, so there is therefore a good chance you will lose much of your money (especially in casinos rather than poker sites) before you get your bonus.

    It is not a scam, you will get you bonus if you are dealing with a decent casino site, but you don’t get something for nothing.

  4. on here says:

    I have played at several online casinos that offer free bonus money on deposit.
    deposit $10.00 get $30.00 free
    deposit $25.00 get $100 free
    even deposit $50.00 get $200.00 Free

    All of the casinos I have played at have given me the free cash. I have never had any problem
    Poker sites are the ones that require you to play so many hands before getting the bonus, not regular casinos. You get the bonus there just for depositing.
    As for taking the money and running, sorry. They do require a minimum playthrough amount in order to be able to cash it out…such as 20X deposit + bonus.
    You can check out some free cash offers here

  5. Juanita D says:

    No, you can’t just take the money and run. When you take the bonus you do agree to a minimum amount of play to give them a chance to win it back. Most online casinos are legit. To be sure, you should stick to online casinos that have their payout percentages audited by third party auditors. You can find such reports at

    If you want bonus information, go to to find the most lucrative bonus offers. You can do much better than $50 free with a $100 deposit with these offers. Good luck and enjoy!

  6. TailsMcFaddy says:

    Yes, you can get $50 free with a $100 deposit. In fact, you can get up to $200 free with a $50 deposit. You can not just “take the money and run” though. You must play a certain amount before cashing out. The terms vary from casino to casino and they are listed on their web sites.

    Here is a bonus list with over $18,000 in new player casino bonus offers

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