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When you browse the internet for the best online casinos, you will find that all casino sites claim that they are the best. This gives a new online gambler like you the dilemma of really knowing which ones are the best sites to play in and which ones are better left alone.

One way to find out which ones are good is, of course, through reliable recommendations from friends, from gambling forums and people you trust. If this is not possible, you can use the search engines online and click on the ones that come first in the list. But the sure-fire way to really discover the best ones that can work for you is through the various bonuses these online casinos offer to first-time players and loyal patrons. When you read the terms that cover the bonuses, are the terms out of place in that you literally have to give up an arm and a leg before you can get the bonuses? Beware of casino bonus conditions. The best casinos give them absolutely with no strings attached.

The Real Free Bonuses

The word bonus alone should be enough to tell any would-be player that they already have something free just by signing up. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes, you get the bonus under certain conditions that will require you to keep playing until you have spent all your initial deposit before you can get the bonus. However, upon close inspection, you will see that more sites now offer 100% signup bonus.  This means that when you sign up with a certain site and give your initial deposit amounting to say $50, you will immediately get a signup bonus worth fifty dollars also. The amount will be deposited to your account as soon as you have finished filling up the necessary account info sheet and paying your deposit.

The other real free bonus is the one that comes without requiring you to pay up an initial deposit or any amount at all. This no cash-out bonus usually comes for first-time players visiting a certain online casino for the very first time. What happens is that once you sign up, you get free points or credits to allow you to immediately play your chosen game. In a word, you are given a chance to bet on a game the first time that you play it without using your own money.

Other Incentives and Bonuses

There is another way to earn bonuses from your online casino without paying up for a game first, and that is through their friend referral programs. While not all online casinos have this kind of promotion, you will find that those who do have these also have all your favorite online casino games; plus, they give out the bonus just as they promised. Unfortunately, there are bogus bonuses that abound the online casino industry so watch out for these.

There is also the cash-back bonus where the casino will make an offer to give you all your money back, the ones that you have lost playing their games within a 24-hour period. This not only allows you to get back what you have lost, but it also allows you, too, to play your games again, and should you win this time around, you can immediately cash out.

Other times, too, you can immediately cash out once you have gotten your cash-back bonus, so you won’t have to lose everything all over again. This kind of bonus, however, does not come very often, so always check with your favorite online casino to find out when they’re going to hold this limited promo.

Sometimes, casinos only give back a certain portion of the money you’ve lost, but this is still a doable situation because you win back something no matter what.

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