Best themed slots to play in a casino? (bonuses, scatter pay, etc.)?

7 Responses to “Best themed slots to play in a casino? (bonuses, scatter pay, etc.)?”

  1. WillLynn 1 says:


    Those slots pay off often. All you need is one haywire for a payoff. Once you get one of those, the slot will spin itself over and over until you get a payment. Sometimes it may only be a few coins but other times you can get lucky with a big payoff. At any rate, a guranteed payment is great to look foreward too.

  2. sweetredbeachlvr says:

    Are you talking for fun or for winning? I think the Wheel of Fortune slots are some of the funnest. However, the casinos know the funnest themes are the most attractive machines and can set them to pay off less. Now if they do that too often, people catch on and they don’t come any more so it’s a delicate balancing act. Make friends with the coin people (the ones who walk the floor), the cashiers, and the slot technicians. They know where the best machines are and TIP, TIP, TIP….. don’t expect any good advice if you are not tipping!

    Just a note: Slots are easiest to play but they have higher house odds which mean you stand to lose more often. For instance, a lot of winning slots advertise a 97, 98% payback, a 2-3% “house advantage”… that means for every $1 dollar you put in, the AVERAGE that you get back is .97 cents. Obviously, not winning! If you hit during a good time you can get more, during a bad time, less. The slots are the only thing that is manipulated in a casino; that’s why most serious gamblers don’t touch them. Compare that very high slot payoff to the 99.5-99.8% payback you get with blackjack (only a .18-.55% house advantage) or the
    98.6-99.9% on the craps table (.02-1.41% house advantage).

    But back to the fun… choose what you like and enjoy it. Gambling should be for fun, not to win money. When it’s not fun anymore, quit!

  3. nickname says:

    I like sweet-Red’s response! I’ll try that, thanks, I also find that ‘themes’ seem to pay off together. I don’t know if that’s always true, but many times I’ve played one machine, like (x5) the five quarter machine, won on it, cashed out, went to another, and won on that one also. Not millions, but around 400.00. This has happened more than once. So, I try to see what themed machines are paying off when I go. Like sometimes, the wheel of fortune’s not paying off and sucking up money like a dry dog, I;’ll walk by an hour later, and everyone got over 400 quarters credit! Don’t know, but maybe ‘red’ has something to say about that. coincidence?

  4. overtaxed says:

    It sounds as if you are playing the video reels, not the spinning reels (also known as “stepper slots.”) Steppers don’t have the scatter pays (yet) and not too many have the bonuses.

    It really depends upon what you are looking for when you are gambling. Obviously, you are always looking to win. Aren’t we all? The question is: are you looking for “time on machine” or some serious chances at some serious wins… with some serious “dry spells” in between? The distinction between the two is “hit frequency” and volatility. A high hit frequency machine will give you frequent payouts, mostly low. But your money lasts a long time, and you have just as good a chance as anyone to hit the jackpot. A high-volatility machine is like a roller-coaster. You really have to have a decent bankroll to ride these games out.

    So, in answer to your question: bonus and scatter pay video slots are the relatively high hit frequency machines, giving you time on machine. Games that offer primarily free spins as the bonus are generally highly volatile. Hope this helps, and for what it’s worth, I’m in the industry.

  5. ian b. williams says:

    Essentially most slot machine themes are derived from a set of standard programs. Sometimes one program will only have the graphics changed, so one program can essentially become twenty or more themes or “different games”. This is a marketing technique., the same as changing bones game or scatter parameters. Really, play the theme that you like the most. You’ll soon discover which ones work for you. Ian
    Ian B. Williams – Former Slot Machine Technician/Consultant in Slot Machine Addiction

  6. tombookie says:

    The object of slot machines is quite simply to win. It is a game that requires very little instruction. You place your bet and spin the reels. After that, all you can do is cross your fingers and hope the reels stop on a big payout.

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  7. winning_at_the_slots says:

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