Can anyone explain to me what online casino bonuses are all about?

3 Responses to “Can anyone explain to me what online casino bonuses are all about?”

  1. HerbalHealing says:

    Its a way for the online gambling sites to promote business as well as offer their members reward points for spending money with them. This way they save some at the same time as spending. The members feel like the company treats them well and continue their business with them. Why would you go to a online gamling site that doesn’t offer bonuses when their is another company that will give you 200% of your initial buy in of chips up to $300 ( this one i’ve seen at multiple gambling sites).
    If i was that person i would definetly choose the bonus over the non-bonusing company. This way even if i did loose $300 in chips i would still have half of what i started with rather than nothing at all,
    Herbal Healing

  2. got_the_skills_2_pay_the_bills says:

    First of all, don’t be deceived by casino bonuses. Though it may seem as though you are getting $200 free when you sign up, in reality it is not necessarily as easy as that. Often you may have to deposit a larger amount of money before you can withdraw the free bonus you are entitled to. This is called the wagering requirement. However, there are some great casino bonuses out there to take advantage of.

    Second of all, most online casinos also operate a monthly bonus. To be eligble to for this bonus, you must deposit up to a certain amount on your first depsoit of the month. For example, if the casino offers a $100 monthly bonus, to receive the $100 your first deposit must be up to $100. A first monthly deposit of $75 would therefore give you a bonus of $75.

    Third of all, and most importantly, always read the terms and conditions and wager requirements for casinos!

  3. snuki says:

    Well, an online casino will pay you for depositing your money with them. Essentially, the more risk they carry in giving you money, the harder it will be for you to withdraw your winnings. The more risk you carry, the easier you can get your winnings.

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