Casino Bonus and Discount explained

Most of the online casinos lure players with the bonuses and casino discount they offer. For all the new players this bonuses and discounts are important as this includes offer of free casino money to start paying with. But the new players should not consider this kind of bonuses as free money as it can benefit greatly. One should always consider using the sign up bonuses to start play with and learn from that. In this way they don’t have anything to loose from their own pocket. And it is amazing when you know how to play and what to do, to get benefits of it. There are many other kind of bonuses and casino discount all the casinos have on offer, some of them are:

No Deposit Bonus. Most of the online casinos offer no deposit casino bonus to attract players and make them play at the casino. There is nothing wrong in accepting this bonus specifically when you are new to the game. First Deposit Bonus. The casinos offer this kind of generous bonus to attract the players and set it up high enough to get them play. Sometimes the casinos loos money in this deal hoping to acquire loyal players or to protect their reputation. The first deposit bonus is generally between 50% – 200%, with the set limits to a specific amount. For the deposit more than the set limits they apply different calculation like 20% for the rest amount. Second deposit bonus. It is mainly to keep the loyal players with the casino. This kind of bonuses may depend on the payment method as well. Players can expect a bonus of 10% -20% for the new deposits they make. VIP Bonuses. The VIP bonuses are generally reserved for the players making high deposits generally more than £1000. These players are highly values the bonuses they have been offered as their payouts are usually high because in most cases they are the professionals and they know what they doing. They knows exactly how to play and how to take advantage of the bonuses they have been offered. Referral bonuses. Referral bonuses are offered to get new players via an existing players and this bonus ranges from £25 to £50. It applies when you refer the casino to your friends. Deposit method bonus. Some of the online casinos offer bonus for the deposit method. When you make deposit with PayPal, neteller, wire transfer etc. They offer this kind of bonus simply because they reduce the risk on wire transfers. They simply want to reward low risk players.

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