Does blackjack bonuses increase or decrease the house edge?

I play blackjack on occasion at a local casino and they offer a bonus. You make a bet from $1-$50 and if you get any combination of 20 they pay out.
2 queen of hearts=1000:1.
Same suit and card=19:1
Same suit different cards=9:1
Any 20=4:1

My question is this…..should I play the bonus and does the bonus increase or decrease the house edge?

2 Responses to “Does blackjack bonuses increase or decrease the house edge?”

  1. Mr. Luva Luva says:

    It INCREASES the house edge against the player!
    Any of the side bonus games that are offered at a blackjack table ALWAYS benefit the house more than the player. Think about it, why would they offer you something that would help you??
    I have seen several bonus games at the blackjack table and they will just eat away at your bankroll over time. They increase the house advantage a few percentage points but it is enough to lower your profits. Avoid them at all costs and good luck!

  2. sandynlily says:

    This is an optional side bet called “lucky ladies”

    it was added to the table for the table to make more money, the house advantage on this bet increases with fewer decks due to the reduced number of q-hearts.

    Placeing bets will increase the amount of money you lose.

    It is possible to beat this side bet by counting cards, where it becomes a very profitable bet in the extremely rare counts that offer +EV

    using the conventional high/lo system:
    -for 8 decks a true count of +6 makes the bet profitable
    -for 6 decks a true count of +11 makes it profitable
    -I wouldnt even try on a 4 deck shoe.

    these numbers are in refference to the payout as follows:
    1000:1 2X Qhearts+ dealer BJ
    125:1 2X Q-hearts
    19:1 matched 20
    9:1 suited 20
    4:1 any 20

    there are varriing payscaleds for this bet expecially in canada

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