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Have you been playing at the casino lately? Are you frustrated because you think that they are ripping you off? Do you want to get some payback or you want something in return for your patronage? Well guess what, you can have something from them also. What am i talking about? I’m talking about casino bonuses and complimentary services, of course!

Casino bonuses and complimentary services are designed to attract new players and keep their regular clients happy. These range from bonus credit upon signing up for on-line casinos to free room and transportation for regular players with good history of gambling in a given establishment. Free accommodations, free food, free drinks, free tickets to shows, even limousine service for high-rollers.

The most frequent example of these bonuses in casinos are “comps”, that are distributed in player rewards clubs. These are plastic cards with an encoded magnetic strip at the back. The card is inserted into a magnetic reader on the machine the member is playing, the amount and duration of play are recorded and tracked by computers. These cards can also be used on the table, just show the card and the pit boss (the person who manages the table area) will record all bets per hand. These values are turned into points, that can be exchanged for cash, food, room or merchandise. These comps are mostly offered in casinos in Las Vegas and Reno, but some casino in other places, such as Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco, offers membership to players which can be upgraded depending on the number of times that they played. Giving out comps is a way of casinos to say that: “We love that you played at our casino. Please come again”. So if you regularly go to Las Vegas, or planning to have regular trips there, be sure to apply for the players rewards club in a casino. They are a good way to get back or cut losses, and even get free service. But be sure to read the rules and rewards of every casinos’ rewards club. They all differ in one way or another. And if you are a member, be sure to check your mail. Most of the time, casinos send free meal ticket, rate reduction offers on accommodations and transportation, and even tickets to show and events in your mailbox.

It is a different thing for on-line casinos. The most available promo that on-line casinos offer is a “match bonus”. A match bonus is a bonus given based on the percentage of the deposit you made to your bankroll. For example, a 50% match will give you an extra $500 when you make a $1000 deposit to your bankroll. So it means you will get a $1500 deposit to your bankroll instead of $1000. The most available match bonuses are 50% to 100% but some smaller casinos offer 150% to 200% to attract more customers. These match bonuses are offered on the first deposit. Some casinos offer match bonuses every time you make a deposit, but these only range from 10% to 20%. Some on-line casino even offer no-deposit bonuses. But these no-deposit bonuses are subject to more stricter wagering requirements for the casino to make up for the loss.

On-line casinos also have other promos like Refer-A-Friend where you get from $20 to $100 per friend referred, loyalty programs where you get points for every valid wager you make, weekly or monthly bonuses that are like match but only available on the week or month specified, high-roller bonuses for player who are willing to commit more money on a first deposit.

So what are you waiting for? Even if you don’t get lucky, you can get some benefits from it, right? Just make sure the bonuses make up for losses you incur

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