Is addiction real?

Alcohol addiction, Internet addiction, sex addiction, video game addiction, porn addiction, TV addiction, drug addiction, gamling addiction, Pokemon addiction?

Are these things real in the sense that the “addicted” person just can’t control themselves from quitting their job to watch Pokemon all day or from gambling away little Susie’s insulin money? Or do these people simply lack self control and need to stop make excuses for themselves? Does religion (or lack thereof) offer a solution for addicts?

Christian Bonus Question: If an addict their abehavior, will they go to hell for it?
Sorry, that should say, “If an addict can’t control their behavior, do they go to hell?”

Tucking fypos.

15 Responses to “Is addiction real?”

  1. royal racer says:

    Yes..that’s the only reason ppl go to hell, for the reason’s u stated.

  2. The Lord Amen Ra says:

    Those things can be real addictions, but they tend to just be a lack of self control.

    And no, religion doesn’t automatically offer a solution to addicts. It may help a few of them, but it isn’t magical.

  3. Leviathan says:

    No its not real, heroin addicts only imagine they’re shaking when they need a hit.

    Next stupid question!

  4. gtangjr says:

    With substance abuse, the addiction is, indeed, very real. There are chemical changes which occur creating a need which must be fulfilled in order to regain stasis. With Pokemon, it’s just because they’re so freakin’ cute.

  5. starandbright says:

    When you are parted from something you are addicted to, you suffer – the reasons for suffering can be desire & passion, or pursue of wealth, prestige. In short, it is craving. Because the objects of our attachment are short-lived, their loss is unavoidable, and suffering will necessarily follow.

  6. Eddie J says:

    Why is this in religion? Addiction is very real. If it isn’t, you should try smoking crack-cocaine for awhile, then try to quit. If you have the fortitude to fight the real chemical changes within your brain structure, then you should submit yourself to be studied.

    I do not know if everything you’ve listed is a real addiction, but addiction itself is very real. I deal with it daily at our agency.

    Christians can’t tell you if somebody will go to hell or not. The bible mentions nothing about pokemon addiction. The best the christian can do is try to apply thinking to an irrational subject; it won’t work.

  7. Father K says:

    Yes. It’s very real. If you’ve ever sat up for nights with a heroin addict watching him/her try to kick, you’d know that.

    The addition is to the feeling.

  8. Cristina says:

    Addiction is real. But usually people don’t want to control themselves. So it is willful, and yes, they do get hell for not controlling themselves.

  9. rezany says:

    Christ offers the cure for all addictions.

  10. Today says:

    Addiction is real, Rehab helps, No you dont go to Hell for IT. Only reason you go to Hell is lack of faith in Jesus Christ

  11. Moiraes Fate says:

    Yes, its real. Some things are physical addictions (like cocaine) and some are mental addictions (like the internet).

    Religions isn’t a solution to an addicts problems though many adopt a religion to convince others that they’ve changed their ways.

    How do I know this? I have an ex brother in law thats an addict and dealer. He’s been in and out of prison 5 times but keeps saying “I haven’t done it in a month…”, “I haven’t done it in two months..”, “I’m Christian now and have learned the error of my ways” and then he goes back to prison yet again.

    After years of dealing with him and his disgusting buddies, I’ve learned not to trust a word any of those liars say.

    The chances of religion actually changing them are remote. They’re all lying so they look better.

    But how many times do you have to get burned before you realize they’re lying through their teeth?

    After all these years, I’ve learned better. This sounds horrible to say but I hope he overdoses one day. It would solve alot of problems for everyone, including him.

  12. farien3 says:

    ‘Real’? Alcohol or caffeine or nicotine or other chemical addictions are biological. The body becomes adapted/addicted to the chemical and the ‘need’ is physical. NOT getting that chemical results in negative physical side effects up to and including horrible agony, spasms, convulsions, etc.

    Psychological addictions such as gambling, porn, sex, pokemon etc. are no less ‘real’ than chemical addictions, they are simply psychological instead of biological. The brain is no less powerful than the nervous system in terms of expressing ‘need’. Certain psychologies and physiologies are MORE prone to addiction than others, but this is mostly genetic. Predispositions to addiction have been measured and studied for decades. It is NOT simply ‘self-control’ or lack of it that controls addiction. ANY psychological aid, like religion, or support groups, counseling etc. can HELP with psychological addictions, or with certain aspects of chemical addictions. But those addictions are just as real as any other mental or biological process.

  13. hasse_john says:

    Addiction is defined as; anything that causes significant disruption to your life to stop it. Many things are physically addictive, and many others are psychologically addictive. Some things have a great hold on people, and others would only cause a small problem to quit. You might be “addicted” to orange juice in the morning, or even to “helping people”, and I don’t believe either of those “addictions” would endanger your salvation. If you are choosing to do something that the Almighty told you not to, then you certainly are endangering (or throwing away) your salvation. (If the Almighty told you to do something, He also promised to give you the strength to do it,. if you will hold on to His promise!)

  14. homo erectus says:

    Addictions are absolutely real and not something to take lightly. They are not just a lack of self control, for the person with the addiction often knows that the addiction is bad for him but is powerless to stop it. Take tobacco for instance. Millions of smokers would like to quit and know that they should, but there is something deeper, the physical and mental addictions, that make it nearly impossible for many of them to quit.

    It can also not be said that addicts do not want to control themselves. Again, many of them, do want to quit their habits.

    I believe that if not everyone, then almost everyone, is an addict to various things. One can be addicted to touching one’s hair or to biting one’s nails just the way someone is addicted to a substance. Like you said, people are addicted to television or computer games. It is not farfetched to think that people are addicted to ways of thinking or acting (an abused child grows up to be an abuser; a son grows up to be his father.)

    By this same logic, people can be addicted to religion. They will be judged by how they judge people with other kinds of addictions. Most of them don’t seem to realize that the Christian and the drug addict are not so disimilar.

    (and blah blah blah)

  15. Nana says:

    I am a Christian and yes I was a drug addict years ago. I have personally experienced the behavior that seems to be consistent with addictive personalities. I will find myself to be compulsive obssesive about certain things such as yahoo answers for awhile and then I will realize this has begun to affect my life on different levels, whereas I begin to neglect cleaning my home, getting out of my pjs, taking showers,making a living and neglecting to pay my bills. If I continue to give in to my compulsive obbsesiveness then just like any other it will become an addiction much harder to escape from. Once it becomes a full blown addiction, there is not much I can do with my logic because I am no longer logical in my thoughts, for my only purpose is to feed the addiction. The addiction now is what controls my thoughts.
    As a Christian, God somehow starts to let me know when I am heading into an area of addiction. If I continue to ignore the little warnings He allows me to go my way, but it is quite clear in my heart that I’m doing the wrong thing.
    I believe that if we continue to go through life ignoring His directions and just do what we want, we may still be saved by grace but we will not recieve our rewards in heaven. Also there will be many that fall from grace by deliberatly turning their backs on God after having known Him. Many shall be decieved into believing that it’s okay to keep sinning because of grace but really if we love the Lord with all our hearts it is really hard to continue to sin without Him making it clear that we sin.
    I’m confident that God will keep me from falling back into any addiction as long as I listen to an obey that little voice that tells me to ” stop!, Don’t do it! ”
    (my spelling check is not working, sorry)

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