My First Introduction to the Online Gambling Community

I remember the first time I heard about online casinos and internet gambling…
My memory goes back to the mid to late 90`s when the average home computer was on the launching pad of high speed internet (56k and DSL) and Windows 95` was eating up your system resources.

My brother (for some reason, we will call him Pablo) got an invitation to play with $50.00 Absolutely Free U.S. funds at at Lasseters Online Casino, I had not yet comprehended the enormous concept and impact that online gambling would have on the coming years.. I had been to Vegas, Reno, Tahoe as well as countless Native American Gaming Casinos throughout the United States, but I never thought that you would be able to literally sit at home and play poker, blackjack and slots all in front of the “New and Improved” Boob Tube of the late 20th century.

I was skeptical to say the least. Why would anyone give away absolutely free money in the first place. And even more so, giving away money that could potentially be doubled, tripled or who knows how much more at an online casino. But considering the changing times where old classmates could finally reacquaint themselves online after years of separation and the words “Girl Scout Cookies” now may mean something entirely different…. I thought, why not online gambling?

Well to make a long story even shorter, Pablo played that fifty bucks a quarter at a time for half a day or so and got it up to $500.00…WOO-HOOOO… He hit a major jackpot playing slots (back in those days, man… $500.00 Cold Hard Bones… HE HIT IT HARD!!!) and he then…. cashed out.

Sure he had to fax them a valid ID and maybe verify a utility bill or something to confirm his identity, but it literally cost him nothing. Well, a couple of weeks passed by and this was barely even mentioned in any respect, when my bro produced a check for $500.00 (Pure American Smack-a-Roonies)

Well needless to say, I was like “no freaking`way”

He spent maybe a few short hours of having obvious fun and walked away $500.00 richer a week or so later.

Well, that’s my short story into how I was personally exposed to the future of what would become online gambling and casino gaming action on the internet.

The Changing Times:

Unfortunately most online casinos no longer offer the infamous “No-Deposit” casino bonus offer. Sure you will find a few here and there, but the reality is that these offers of yesteryear have been abused by both the players and the casinos for so long that it’s no longer even remotely amusing anymore. If you do find a no deposit offer, the wagering requirement will be at least 25X to as high as 100X the bonus. In other words, if they gave you $100.00 you would have to wager at least $2500.00 to cash out anything. Also, many no deposit offers are now “non-redeemable” which means that you will never be able to cash out less than the original bonus amount (see those really high $2000.00 no deposit offers)

The next wave of absolutely free offers is the “Free Spins” or the “Free Play for One Hour”

These promotions offer a better likely hood that you can actually walk away a winner from an initial free casino bonus. The deal usually is that the casino will offer you a certain amount of money to spend in an allocated time frame or a pre-determined amount of free spins on any given slot machine in a given frame of time. If you complete the task (see terms and conditions of each offer) you are usually required to make an initial post bonus deposit (between $20-$50). Believe it or not, this deposit really just establishes your true identity and creates an open communication with your online banking of choice… You will be able to withdrawal your original winnings as well as the post deposit you made (again, see individual terms and conditions for every offer you participate in)

Another sign of changing times is the un-regulation of online gambling over the years in the entire global community. Many countries (including US) have passed many laws either forbidding online gambling or proposing laws which would have a negative impact on this otherwise viable online business. their reasoning usually is quite reactive being from underage gambling, to tax evasion, money laundering and so many other things we will not mention here. The bottom line is, if you (each country in their own laws) regulates this massive industry, each can reap and harvest great fortunes as well as regulate WHO, WHERE AND EVEN WHEN online gambling is or will be permitted.

I have many rants and raves regarding this sensitive issue I’ll address at a later post. However, until a later time, I would like to personally leave you these last words of observation, just as all of the other old world habits and professions are have survived and flourished for thousands of years, online gambling is also now here to stay!!!

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