Online gambling recommendations?

I have been thinking about joining a casino site, does anyone have any online gambling recommendations for the best sites that offer the highest bonuses.

Also is it actually possible to earn money doing this?

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  1. El Capitan Guapo says:

    I consistently make money at Bodog. Their $15-$25 buy-in Sit and Go tournaments have a surprising number of bad players. The $6 turbos are also relatively easy.
    Sundays are the best, because Bodog’s sportsbook clients sign on and play poker – very badly. If you know Omaha, I highly recommend that. Bodog’s the only site with a sportsbook.
    I also have friends that play Ultimate Bet and Full Tilt. Full Tilt is insanely slow, and the players are usually really good. Bodog has the fastest times out of all the casino sites, Ultimate Bet is somewhere in the middle.
    Poker Stars has lots of suckouts. I hate that site.
    I also get paid by Bodog, although it takes about a month. Still, I’ve won big tourneys.
    Lastly, Bodog’s random number generator appears to be the closest to my home game (on the felt), whereas Full Tilt and PokerStars (especially PokerStars) seem unrealistic. One of the worst players I know (he’s a big fish) does really well on Full Tilt.
    Full Tilt is the best site to play on a Mac though, whereas Bodog and UB are windows only. Bodog also has huge $4500, $10,000, $5000 guaranteed multi-table tournaments, which sometimes don’t have that many players. The other sites fill up with tons of players.
    When trying to win a big multi-table tourney, it really helps to have a smaller number of players, as it’s less people to beat, less time spent in front of your computer, and less chances of receiving a bad beat.
    Bodog has almost no bonuses, but if you click on my profile and send me an e-mail, I’ll get a bonus for referring you. I don’t really care if you do, I’m up about $1500 on the year on the Dog.

  2. Paula J says:

    Hi, It is definatly possible to make money but you have to make sure you use the sign up bonuses to your advantage. Mostly all casinos offer sign up bonuses. Some are 50%, 100% and some offer even more. I would recommend you go to and take a look at all of the casinos there. They all have a good reputation and you can see which ones offer the best bonuses. Some even have no deposit bonuses so you can use their money before you decide to deposit your own.

  3. Bert H says:

    I’ve got some good experiences with bodog too. I usually visit hypercasinos when I want to play at a new on line casino. They offer the latest bonuses and stuff and they claim to have a top 5 casino list based on customer feedback.

  4. Arlene M says:


    you could take a look at this site as they can give you some good advice.

    I have been using a few sites for a while and can usually win, try playing some of the free games first until you get the hang of things.

    That would be my online gambling recommendation for you.

  5. bado463 says:

    Actually potsie isn’t telling the truth your chances of winning are better with online casinos as compared to land based casinos. You must remember that an online gambling website they are paying for a website, staff and then the affiliates that they have. With a land based casinos you have upkeep of a building, one heck of a lot more staff and they require to make a bigger profit to do so.

    I would not recommend going after a bigger bonus especially if you have to wager both the bonus and your deposit X number of times prior to cashing out any winnings. Myself I really don’t care about taking any bonuses as a new player to any online casino especially if you put your deposit at risk.

    I think it is more recommended if you are to take a bonus take one of a smaller amount and not a big of investment. I would recommend the microgaming online casinos and would recommend to try All Slots Casino, All Jackpots Casino, First Web Casino or Wild Jack Casino.

  6. san_casino says:

    I recommend You to read How to win in casino:
    Here I write an article how to use bonuses and earn money.

  7. kingofalltoys says:

    Yes you can earn big money doing this! My favorite site is Casino Titan I bet on football and play in black jack tournaments online. Good luck!

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