So, have you gotten ripped off by yet, as it appears I have?

Superslots offers a great 100% sign-up bonus. Just deposit $30 or more, and they will match it 100% so you’ll have $60 to gamble with.

Sounds great, but don’t expect to ever even get your own money back unless you are a really, really high roller.

I started with $30 of my own money. I got a 200% special, so I actually started with $90.

You play off the bonus first, then start using your own money. I got my balance (not the bonus balance) up to about $150, and tried to withdraw some of that money. Here’s what they told me:

“You have not met the required wager amount to withdraw any funds. Under the rules of our bonus program you are required to wager a further $985.85 prior to withdrawing any funds.”

$985??!! They never said anything about that when I signed up. So unless you’re willing to bet at least $1,000 (on a $30 minimum signup), kiss your money goodbye.

So I’ve lost $30 & my wife lost $40, even tho we have much larger balances.

Is this a con, or what?
They also ask for your life history before even telling you that you can’t get your money back – social security number, driver’s license number… enough info to make any phishing website operator downright giddy.

I went to their live chat support, and their rep told me the info about this was on their website. I’ve searched their website and, although I’m sure it’s there (for legal reasons) I still haven’t found it. And like I said, they NEVER mentioned this before taking our money.

Some absurd rule (“wager $1,000 to get your $30 back) tucked away in some corner of thier website, which they don’t even tell you about until it’s too late, is not something that a legitimate website has.

And of course they’re “licensed” in Antigua, not the USA, so you have no recourse.

Smart operators – dumb suckers (or so it seems).
You’re so right, LB. How many times have I given that same warning to others, only to fall for something like this myself. Yup, I gambled, I guess – but it wasn’t the kind of gamble I signed up for!

Buyer beware…

5 Responses to “So, have you gotten ripped off by yet, as it appears I have?”

  1. LB says:

    if it sounds too good to be true – it usually is.

    You took a gamble & you lost.

  2. athiestforthebirthofjesus says:

    “live and learn” …

    yes, you got ripped off, but maybe it’s a cheap lesson
    .. something like:

    “if anyone appeals to your greed, be careful … or better
    yet, just don’t do it”

    because you’re almost certian to get “taken”


    which you surely already know, but you got took anyway

    ((oh, don’t feel lonesome … it’s happened to me
    a long tme ago … ouch! and I sure felt like an
    idiot, but it *was* a good lesson))

    [think I lost 40 bux]

  3. buttons says:

    it sure feels better to have a good rant about it though!

    It’s all designed to keep you playing and paying and you probably ticked a box that said you’d read all their terms and conditions where that vital piece of information was hidden.

  4. whatever says: had a similar thing. My friend and I put $50 each on to get a total of $100, and with bonus to make it $200, we won heaps, but when we went to cash out, it told us we had to make $3500 worth of bets to take our money out. luckily enough we won enough to make $3500 worth of bets, and cashed out $400 each, but i’d have rather cashed out $1750 for myself! we played safe bets though, $100 on red and $100 on black, $100 on columns 1&2, and $100 on dozens 2&3 on the roulette.

  5. PepperAnn says:

    Actually most websites that offer you a bonus have wagering requirements. Some are higher then others but the reason they do this is so “bonus abusers” dont deposit, take the promotion and cash out right away without playing at all. The bonus terms for most sites can be found under “promotions” then “terms and conditions” I just checked out superslots and they have a 100% match and the terms are
    “100 %: To claim this bonus, register a real account and make a deposit into the casino using any one of our secure payment methods. Your deposit will be matched immediately with bonus credits up to a maximum of $300.

    Minimum wagering requirement – 20x (bonus value + deposit value)”

    You took up a different offer so the terms were different. I know it sounds like a lot to wager, but if you play slots and stick with a small bet, all it takes is one good win and you can make the play through and cash out.
    Also, some players do not like to make the play through, or find it very hard if they are new to playing with a bonus, and for that I suggest just playing with your own money and not taking any bonuses at all. Just remember, if they are giving you a bonus, 9 times out of 10 you are going to have wagering requirements added on to it.

    Hope this maybe helps you a little, and good luck 🙂

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