The Fine Print Behind Online Gambling Bonus Offers


Free casino cash? Sounds too good to be true?

If you have never registered an account with an online casino, poker room, or sports book you may be wondering if the bonuses offered are legitimate, and attainable. Most of us, are aware of the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is”, and most of these bonuses are that generous, that this saying automatically springs to mind. So what’s the catch? When a casino offers you $1000 in free cash should you dismiss the offer, assuming that there are all sorts of strict requirements and implications making it too difficult to obtain the pay-out? The simple answer is no. The offers are for genuine and the majority of the required terms and conditions to receive the pay-out are typically uncomplicated. Many online gambling sites simply require a minimum deposit in the range of £50-£100. Some also entail a minimum, but achievable, level of play to accompany the deposit.

How are these online gambling sites able to give away free cash and remain in business?

In most cases the gambling sites get the entire bonus back and some. The online gambling sites know that ‘the house always wins’ and that all casino games are in their favour so eventually the players will lose their original deposit and the bonus they have acquired.

Where do I find the requirements?

When you analyse the “free money” offers and the requirements needed for full cash-out access to the money. The requirements are situated in the terms and conditions of the bonus which will be hosted on the site.

What Bonus types are there? What are the requirements?

No Deposit Required – Some online gambling sites offer players free money without the need for an initial deposit. These offers are legitimate and you will be eligible to play at all the real money tables and slots. The typical ‘catch’ is that players will have to make at least one deposit before the bonus plus any of the winnings won will be released. For example, if you obtain a £10 bonus and generate £40 in winnings from the bonus, you will have to make a deposit into your account before the £50 is released and available for withdrawal.

First Deposit Bonus -To entice players to deposit real money into an online gambling site, a first deposit bonus is generally offered. The spectrum of bonuses offered does however vary a great deal. You’ll find one site offering a 10% match bonus whereas one of its competitors will offer a 200% match bonus. What they also differentiate is the maximum bonus limit. So the site that offers a measly 10% bonus could have their maximum bonus amount set to £1000, however the site that offers the monstrous 200% match bonus could set the maximum bonus amount at a measly £100.

Casino First Deposit Bonus – The ‘catch’ involved with online casino deposit bonuses is that players usually have to wager a compulsory amount before the bonus is released, typically £500-£1000, or they require players to wager either 10x/20x the deposit bonus amount. The online casino will deposit the bonus into your account as soon as you make your initial deposit, but some deposit bonuses are instantly deposited at the same time as your deposit.

Before making a deposit at an online gambling site, it’s imperative that you fully understand the requirements for the bonus amount to be released. You may have to search to find the information, but it is required by law, so will be hiding somewhere. If the bonus requirements seem too difficult to achieve then consider another gambling site.

Where can I find the best online casinos?

For an overview of the online casino market check out Casino Titan, as they include in depth reviews of all the major online casino within the UK market, as  well as hosting a plethora of related online casino content, for example; average payout tables, top promos, strategies, tips/trick and much more.

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