What are online casino bonuses?

I’ve read many places where gamblers say that 40-50% of their earnings can be made from bonuses in the online casinos. I’m fairly new to the whole betting scene, but what exactly are the bonuses and how can you make money on them? Thanks!
exactly how much do you have to play until you can withdraw?

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  1. like to help says:

    sorry i dont play anymore

  2. Moses says:

    Bonuses vary from casino to casino. Bonuses are mainly for Slots and other some other games. Usually not valid for Roulette, BlackJack and other table games.

    So you need to be careful what games you choose to play the bonus by clicking the online casino promotions page and then on the terms and conditions link, scroll down to see valid games for bonus and what play through requirement is attached to the bonus.

    Some casinos offer play through of 10x the bonus others it is much higher like 40x. An example is deposit $50 and get a 100% match bonus at 10x playthrough, now you have $100 to play with. You have to play through $500 before you can withdraw any winnings. If it was 40x play through it would be a staggering $2000.

    My advice is if you accept the bonus, find a casino with the lowest play through and be realistic about your chances.

  3. margarito_terere says:

    Online casinos offers bonuses that goes from 50% to 320% above your initial deposit.

    The truth is that in most of them, when you want to withdraw, you´ll be forced (by the casino) to play up to 15x times the amount of the bonuses in non progresive slot machines. (IMPORTANT: this is explained in the casino´s terms and conditions you´ll never read!!)

    Example: If you make a 100 deposit and you take a 100% bonus offered by some casino (another 100). When you want to withdraw, first you´ll need to play 15×100=1500 on regular slot machines.

    Here we have a dilemma. If you are a traditional player it´s recommended for you not to take the bonuses, because you won´t take advantage of having the bonus as much as if you are a “method player”.
    Method players takes advantage of the bonuses and they use them to make more money. For example, if you play using a method like the one explained in a site called Gambling Method (ask for the modified version of the method explained there, it´s better than the published one), you´ll need those bonuses. And, unless you have lots of bad luck, starting with a 100 deposit, at the end of the week you might have enough money to play the bonus requirement and even withdraw money.

    Another thing to have in mind is that, if you make deposits every week for 5 weeks or so, most of the casinos will offer you the VIP status. With that status you can take the bonuses without having to waste money on those ugly slots.

    I have a list of casinos that gave me the VIP status, if you are interested (I will not publish that list here, of course), contact me.

    One more thing, and maybe the most important, is: HAVE FUN, don´t put yourself in jeopardy playing money you don´t have to have fun.

  4. Mike says:

    There just deposit bounuses. The best ones are full tilt which gives you a 100% bonus up to $600. What happens is you deposit $600 and they’ll match that 600. To get this you must go to there site here
    and when you create a new account just use the code STARTPLAYING and you should get this bonus.

    There is also Cake Poker which offers 110% up to $600
    which again if you register use the signup code for the referer STARTPLAYING and you’ll recieve the special 110% bonus.

    When gamblers say this the only online gamblers are poker players who make money. They do what is called bonus whoring where they deposit to each site receive the bonus and then play enough to where than can withdraw the bonus. They then take there money off and do this on another site possibly just another skin on the same network. They do this until they’ve exhausted every first deposit bonus. But there are so many sites you can do this on. Happy Bonus Hunting.

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